FLEXAFIT®- Figure Skater Fitness On Demand

FLEXAFIT®- Figure Skater Fitness On Demand

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FLEXAFIT®- Figure Skater Fitness On Demand

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  • Best Sport Specific Exercises for Skaters - Strength & Conditioning

    FLEXAFIT® by Signe Ronka- 15-minute figure skater fitness workout with Signe Ronka. Includes sport specific exercises to increase fast twitch on jumps for rotation, strong core, balance & stability and cardio.

    This circuit is quick paced with 20 seconds on and 10 second rest intervals.


  • FLEXAFIT Cool Down

    Cooling down after skating is great for injury prevention. It helps increase the range of motion as well as improve flexibility.

    Follow along FLEXAFIT founder Signe Ronka for 10 minutes of cool down stretching! This workout is easy to follow and will go by fast, so stick with it!

  • FLEXAFIT Intro to Twist Jumps

  • FLEXAFIT 10-minute Warm Up

    Warming up is very important for figure skaters as it helps initiate blood flow to the muscles and prevent injuries. Includes series of warm up drills that can be included in your training as well as before you skate and compete.

    We will be doing various stationary warm up drills. If you have mo...