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Watch AXEL Band Exercises

Watch AXEL Band Exercises

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  • Salchow Band Exercises

    This series features exercises to help train the muscles for the salchow jump, whether you are working on singles, doubles or triples. It is important to train the smaller muscle groups to help activate the positions properly.

  • Figure Skating Off-Ice Jumps - Lutz

    Off-Ice Lutz Jump- How to Maintain the Outside Edge

    The lutz jump is a complicated jump to complete on the floor.

    When performing the lutz on the floor, it is important to maintain weight pressing into the gliding foot until the transfer to the picking foot for as long as possible. If pressure...


    This video breaks down the flip for beginners to help better understand the movement patterns on the ice. Signe breaks down the flip in simple exercises with a focus on alignment, head and arm positions to be perfectly placed for your off-ice jump.