Strength and Conditioning

  • FLEXAFIT Workout Series

    3 seasons

    Structured and periodized FLEXAFIT workouts based on seasons of training and the stages of athlete development.

  • Deep Core Muscles

    This workout series is for everyone who wants to have better pelvic control. These exercises will strengthen the deeper core to help with control and stability of the pelvic. It is essential to do these exercises along with other core training.

  • AXEL Band Exercises

    This circuit will help improve your strength in the glutte medius, minimus and maximus muscles in order to help better align your take off and activate the muscles needed to perform a stable jump.

  • Exercises for Skaters with Exercise Ball


    When it comes to skaters’ fitness, traditional fitness training can only take you so far. That’s because it takes having both a skating and fitness background to properly teach off ice training. That’s why an in-depth understanding of sport science, anatomy and body alignment can make all the dif...

  • Best Sport Specific Exercises for Skaters - Strength & Conditioning

    FLEXAFIT® by Signe Ronka- 15-minute figure skater fitness workout with Signe Ronka. Includes sport specific exercises to increase fast twitch on jumps for rotation, strong core, balance & stability and cardio.

    This circuit is quick paced with 20 seconds on and 10 second rest intervals.

    This wor...