Discussions, demonstrations, reviews, everything you need to know when it comes to skating and off ice training! How to warm up & cool down, how to prevent injuries, and how to work on specific skating elements are only some of the topics covered.

  • Figure Skating Off-Ice Jump Training with Signe Ronka - Improve Your Jumps

    Jump basics, technique, what to watch for, common errors, exercises to improve jumps

  • How to Increase Fast Twitch on Double Axel

    Increase fast twitch on double axel on and off the ice:
    - 3 concepts to improve fast twitch,
    - what causes jump to slow down,
    - how to increase the quickness of execution,
    - 3 common errors, how to fix them training off ice.

  • How to Improve Your Axel Jump

    Are you swinging too far into the circle on your axel or double axel take off?
    Is your free leg getting too wide on the follow through?

    Follow Signe Ronka and these exercises to help improve a narrow follow through.

  • FLEXAFIT Resistance Band Workout

    In this episode Signe demonstrates 5 resistance band workouts

    Link to purchase:

  • Exercises for Skaters with Exercise Ball

  • Importance of Off-Ice Training for Adult Skaters

    Adults skaters are a growing community in figure skating. It is important to pay attention to the off-ice component of training for adults to help prevent unnecessary injuries. Including a proper warm up, workout routine and cool down is key to longevity in the sport of figure skating.

  • Figure Skating Off-Ice Jumps - Lutz

    Off-Ice Lutz Jump- How to Maintain the Outside Edge

    The lutz jump is a complicated jump to complete on the floor.

    When performing the lutz on the floor, it is important to maintain weight pressing into the gliding foot until the transfer to the picking foot for as long as possible. If pressure...

  • How to Do Axel Off Ice

    Exercises for waltz jump and axel take off for beginners who are starting work on these jumps. These exercises will help with direction, alignment, and transfer. Signe talks about common mistakes on and off the ice.